RUNESCAPE Hosts Hilariously Disasterous $10K Tournament And Accidentally Kills 2,000 Players Almost Instantly

Runescape just wasted $10,000 on what may be the funniest moment of eSports in 2016. The original plan was an invitation-only battle to the death tourney of 2,000 Runescape players within a safe zone that would be shown as soon as the event began. To encourage players to get closer in the game and not run and hide, Jagex enabled fog on all areas but the safe zone to push players to the area. 

Unfortunately, they forgot to tweak the damage and ended up killing 98% of the tournament participants within the first minute of the tournament. The ending became one team lucky enough to make it to the end letting their leader kill them for the prize money! 

While the event was a colossal failure, the footage of the event is priceless! Check out the chaos below.