Sale: Sweet TETRIS And PAC-MAN Lamps

I've had my eye on these sweet gaming lamps for awhile now, and I believe today is the day to pull the trigger! ThinkGeek just knocked the price down on their stackable LED Tetris lamp and their Pac-Man ghost lamp on their website and either one would make a great addition to your geek dojo! 

The Tetris lamp is definitely the cooler of the two, as the pieces are stackable in different positions and only light up when they come in contact with each other...

The Pac-Man lamp, while more simplistic, does offer more of classical look as well as 16 color variants and a USB plugin so you never have to worry about changing a battery!

There's also a "party mode" for when you're really looking to turn up!

I won't tell you which one to pick, but I will say you're messing up if you aren't trying to snag one of these with your holiday money. If you're trying to get the Tetris Lamp click here, and you can go here for the Pac-Man lamp