Sega is Bringing Classic Retro Games to the Switch Soon


In a Sega fan event that happened in Japan yesterday, the publisher announced that they will be bringing a line of classic retro games, which will include Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force 4 to the Nintendo Switch. 

As of today, only the three games mentioned above were confirmed for the lineup. However, Sega confirmed that more than fifteen titles will be launched under the brand new Sega Ages lineup. Studio M2, who was responsible for bringing Sega re-releases including the 3D Classics Collection for the Nintendo 3DS and the Sega Ages series launched for the PlayStation 2, will be handling the re-release of Sega Ages for the Nintendo Switch. Fans should not worry on how these beloved classic games will be released on the Switch as M2’s experience on bringing Sega retro games to modern consoles is exceptional. 

However, re-releases of these classic retro games such as the Sega Ages line and Nintendo’s Arcade Archives seems to be narrowing the chances of Nintendo to put out a dedicated Virtual Console to the Switch, which fans have been asking for ever since the console was launched. 

Sega Ages will begin to release games sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch. Which Sega game are you looking forward to playing on your Switch soon? Share your picks in the comments below. 

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