Sennheiser Promises 100 Hours Of Gaming With New GSP 370 Headset

For those times when you’ve needed to play games for four consecutive days without stopping, you might have stopped and wished for a wireless headset that can stick with you through that gaming marathon. Well, the day has arrived when you don’t have to wish anymore.

Sennheiser has announced its new gaming GSP 370 headset, which is compatible with PC, Mac, and the PlayStation 4. This is an over-ear wireless headset that boasts the detailed craftsmanship of the Denmark company where audio quality is taken seriously. The specifications listed for the new GSP 370 is impressive.

Here’s what you can expect with this svelte beauty:

Battery life of up to 100 hours
Gamers who play six hours a week on average can game for four months before needing to recharge. The GSP 370 can also be used while charging over micro-USB provided with the headset for nonstop gameplay.

Sennheiser Gaming Suite allows individual sound adjustments on the PC
For a more personalized sound experience, the Sennheiser Gaming Suite for Windows® offers various surround sound modes, an equalizer, microphone options, and ready-to-use presets for typical genres and occasions, allowing the user to fully adjust the audio for a fully customized experience.

Broadcast quality microphone

Like all other Sennheiser Gaming headsets, the GSP 370 features a broadcast quality noise-canceling microphone, which actively minimizes background noise and can be muted by simply lifting the boom arm.

Strong focus on comfort
The split, padded headband reduces pressure on the skull, while memory foam ear cushions provide a comfortable fit and isolate ambient noise. The adaptable ball-joint hinge automatically angles the ear cups to suit the shape of the wearer’s face, while the ear cups themselves are shaped and angled to easily fit around the ear.

It’s the real deal. When Sennheiser builds something, they don’t mess around. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these and test out the presets all while enjoying luxurious comfort and hours of gameplay.

What do you think of the new GSP 370 headset?

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