Video: SILENT HILLS In Real Life gets a Part 2

If you were as disappointed as I was when Silent Hills, the first person version of the classic horror series Silent Hill that was presented through the playable demo P.T., was cancelled, then you will be excited to know that there is a team that has created an amazing fan film series on it.

On December 21, 2016 this same team, Oddest of the Odd, has released part two for Silent Hills in Real Life! This latest episode branches off enough for you to notice a few extra pieces from the Silent Hill series being added and you may also notice a few extra scenes that didn't relate to the P.T. demo.

My Thoughts

The first video, Silent Hills in Real Life, is a very well made live action version of the experiences from the P.T. demo. It was done with proper setting and showed the team had great skill in editing, acting and prop set up.

The new video, Silent Hills in Real Life part 2, is an amazing continuation from the first. While the length of the first video is roughly 14 minutes, this addition is roughly 38 minutes and I don't feel that a single second was wasted! Once again they proved skill in editing, acting and prop set up, but in addition to that, they showed a great amount of knowledge on the Silent Hill franchise with the different Easter Egg moments in the film.

Watch Both Parts Now

The video is a representation of their theory on how the game would of played out, story wise, without giving any definite statements. This is a series you want to get in to, if you haven't already. If you missed part one, check it out here...

If you saw part one, or don't care to see it first, here is part two. Enjoy!