SK Gaming Aqcuires Luminosity Gaming's CS:GO Team

A several month long dispute between the world's top CS:GO team and it's alleged owners has finally come to an end. Daily Dot reports SK Gaming announced that they would be disbanding their current CS:GO team and officially acquiring team Luminosity to play under their banner.

The move comes from an initial battle between the brands when Luminosity signed letters of intent with SK Gaming but then later recanted saying they felt pressured and wanted to stay with Luminosity. From the sound of comments made by the team, it appeared as though the team was not comfortable with some of the changes that would be happening in the team's transition. 

The move means that team Luminosity will officially become SK Gaming in time for ESL Cologne and I'm guessing they'll have to change their name for E-League which might be confusing as SK Gaming was involved in that tourney as well.