SMASH: Nairo Stands Tall At SMASH CON After An Incredible Run

Anyone who missed Smash Con this weekend missed an incredible display from NRG Nairo. The man took the Brawl tourney after an impressive comeback from the losers bracket AND THEN LITERALLY DID THE EXACT SAME THING IN SMASH 4. Nairo was on another level all weekend, but in terms of Smash 4 I feel like his whole game elevated after he took down Tweek in the top 16 with some damn good Bowser play capped off with Zero Suit Samus to take the match:

Nairo then had to run through CLG Void and things really didn't heat up again until he went up against hometown hero Wadi and dropped two sets to the Mewtwo main very quickly. Honestly, this match was one of the highlights of the tourney for me simply due to the crowd emotion and Nairo's insane comeback and pop off to the crowd reminding just everyone in the audience who he is. The whole match is awesome but if you want to skip to the comeback and real emotion from Nairo skip to around 7:00: 

Nairo made it look easy from there even though most pros would agree defeating both Mr. R and MKLeo back to back in 3-1 takes is not something anyone does easily. It then came down to the ultimate final boss any Smash 4 player can expect...TSM Zero and his Diddy Kong. It took 10 games but in the end Nairo defeated the master of Smash and took the day in a hard fought victory.