SMITE Reveals New God THE Morrigan And More For Upcoming Season 4

Smite has a new God, Pantheon, and grand plans for their 4th season! The announcements kick off with a brand new God added to the game, the Celtic Phantom Queen The Morrigan. The Morrigan is the first God to be featured in the Celtic Pantheon.  Check out her reveal video and continue on below...

To celebrate the release of a new God Hi-Rez is launching an in-game event, The Path of the Phantom Queen. Like your typical Smite event this means custom skins and in-game items all in line with the Celtic theme.

Clash mode will be receiving a new Egyptian Pantheon map. A major change for this map is the removal of the Gold Fury and Fire Giant in place of a crazy foe in the center of the map. Apophis. No huge details revealed on him yet, but he apparently gives a big bump to the person who bests him in battle!

Finally, Rituals will be a new late-game mechanic that will likely cause some waves in the competitive community. These new late game skills come at a high cost, but award consumables that can tip the scales in a tight battle. 

Overall season 4 of Smite looks to it's most exciting and transformative yet! I'm really curious about the Ritual mechanic as well as how the Celtic Pantheon will flow into the current meta. Who else is pumped?