Someone Has Gotten POKEMON GO'S First Legendary Pokemon

The world's first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go has appeared in the possession of a woman in Ohio. Eurogamer reports that players began to question user kaitcovey when they saw her controlling a gym using an Articuno.

Covey claims to have obtained the Articuno from Niantic after experiencing "service issues". This has led to a lot of doubt amongst her local group that believe she hacked the game to get the bird. This claim is further given weight by the fact that Covey refuses to share the email exchange in which she had with Niantic to discuss her issue.

My question is what makes her so special?! We all suffered through weeks of constant server issues and game breaking glitches...and she gets an Articuno for complaining? There has to be more to the story right? The drama is still going full steam on this small Facebook page...check it out here.