SONGBIRD SYMPHONY Gets A Free Demo And New Narrative Trailer

Indie developers Joysteak have released a free-to-play demo for their upcoming cute platformer Songbird Symphony on Steam, PlayStation 4, and EU Nintendo Switch with a NA Nintendo Switch demo coming on July 15th. Along with this demo they gave us a new narrative trailer to meet some of the characters in the game and get to know some of the story.

Our poor protagonist appears to be the outcast from the bird community according to the trailer. At least he won’t be alone thanks to Uncle Pea but he can't help but wonder if it is truly the place he belongs to. Setting out on a journey and relishing his love for music to help him find himself, players will get to learn all about Birb’s heritage along with him.

Songbird Symphony is set to launch on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on July 25th, so it won’t be long before we can take Birb through his journey. Until then, check out the trailer to get to know him and the other characters more then go download that free demo to see what we have in store for us! Are you excited to try out Songbird Symphony before it launches at the end of the month?