Sony Is Finally Reimbursing Gamers For 2011 Hack

If you were someone who was utilizing Sony's services during their famous 2011 hack which brought down the PSN you may have compensation heading your way. That is...if you still have a PSN account, still have a PS3 or Vita, and took the time to fill out the claims report when the whole thing happened.

If you did all that Engadget says you have quite a few goodies headed your way! Gamers who meet all of the above criteria will be able to choose from 2 of 3 free games: inFamous, Little Big Planet, or God Of War HD Collection.

That's bull s***!

5 years after the fact Sony gives out free games as part of a class action settlement and they ONLY give it to PS3 and Vita owners and only give options of their 3 biggest sellers on the console?! I think the only PS3 owner who hasn't played either three of those games is the guy who never took it out of the box!

Sony doesn't deserve the pat on the back it's getting from some other sites, this is legally obligated highway robbery. How about doing something that actually benefits the still loyal fan base who followed you to PS4?! It's not entitlement to think a company owes you a little more than a choice of their greatest hits collection. THEY LET YOUR INFORMATION BE TAKEN and for all you know it's still out there. Hell they couldn't even give a free month of PS+?! 

Am I the only one who thinks this is messed up?!