Sony Picks Up After Konami's Mess by Supporting Hideo Kojima's New Studio

Now that Hideo Kojima is no longer "on vacation", he can start working on new games without worrying about violating a non-compete agreement with Konami. To nobody's surprise, he is already being flooded with support from his huge fan base, one of which just happens to be the company behind the console that helped rocket his name into the spotlight back in 1998. Sony has put their full support behind the newly reformed Kojima Productions, as Kojima-san begins work on developing a new franchise exclusively for PlayStation. Not only is this a great new departure for gaming's current favorite underdog, but a huge get for Sony! I'm very excited to see what comes out of this new partnership as Hideo Kojima is one of the industry's most unique directors, and Sony has the money to help him make something really spectacular.

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