Sources Saying Nintendo Switch Will Launch As Low As $249

Rumors are swirling that the latest console from Nintendo will launch at $249 and $299 American. Let's Play Video Games, who has had some luck with leaks leading up to the reveal of the Nintendo Switch say the price difference will be based off memory. If this is true, this would mean the Switch would launch a full $50 lower than both versions of the Wii-U at launch. The leak also revealed that additional pro controllers would cost around $49.99

While I'm not entirely certain about this rumor yet, I can see how pricing the console alongside the PS4 and Xbox One would be advantageous. What I can't see is how Nintendo would stand to make a profit selling a console for that cheap when they noted with the Wii-U most of the high cost was associated to having a tablet touchscreen. 

So provided it is true, is this what you'd pay to own a Nintendo Switch? What was the price you had in your head for their launch?