Square Enix Builds Awesome Clock With Stained Glass KINGDOM HEARTS Designs

Square Enix isn't playing games when it comes to celebrating 15 years of Kingdom Hearts! Crunchyroll writes the company is featuring a giant Sora clock in the Tokyo Metro Marunouchisen Shinjuku Station Metro Promenade, with 13 total stain glass designs! The first picture in the series is the face of the clock...and the 12 slightly smaller faces are showcased alongside the clock as clock dials. Take a look at the amazing designs and continue reading below...

The coolest part of the promotion is that Square Enix will be holding a contest to giveaway all 13 pieces to fans who enter their contest! I'm sure we'd all love to have something so beautiful (and potentially valuable) in our homes! If you're looking to enter the competition click here...and if you happen to live in Tokyo check out the clock January 9th through the 15th!

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