SSGSS Vegito Joins The DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Character Roster

Just after announcing the temporary Fighterz Cup mode addition to Dragonball Fighterz, it seems that Bandai Namco has even more up their sleeve. Using their famous character reveal trailer style, featuring some of the best moves and combos from the latest roster addition, they have announced that SSGSS Vegito will be joining the fight!

The variety of attacks that they give the different characters, even when the difference is slight, is really amazing. Taking from the most memorable and fan favorites moments in the anime series, you can see just how devastating Vegito can be. After all, he is literally the mix of the two most powerful "good guy" characters in the show!Check out the kick-ass trailer:

I'm still hoping to see the roster continue to grow from here to include some of the side characters as well. If they were able to have Hercule and Roshi in the classic games from the early PlayStation days, then they should be able to fight in the latest Dragonball fighter game.

Either way, it's great to see the addition of SSGSS Vegito for the Dragonball Fighterz character roster. Especially since it is a free update and not a character you will have to purchase as DLC. Will you be adding Vegito to your fighting team? Is there a specific character you are still hoping to see added to the list?