STAR WARS: KOTOR Being Remade In Unreal Engine 4

The classic Star Wars RPG Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is getting a graphical upgrade. It's a project driven by fans, love, and a team of developers at Poem Studios. The ambitious team is actively working on updating the game to run with Unreal Engine 4. While they have no legal okay from the Disney attorneys, the team justifies that the rework should be okay given the following:

Can you make a Star Wars game? Remakes of games have been around since the 80's and some have become very sucessful. Games like Black Mesa did it with Half Life and Renegade X rebuilt Command and Conquer in the Unreal Engine 3.

A quick Googling of Poem Studios didn't reveal any games that they've released thus far, but the screen shots they've taken of Tatooine and Endar Spire look gorgeous!

If it makes it to release, Poem says "KOTOR Apeiron" (what they're calling it) will be absolutely free to the public. I can't help but root for them solely based off that! If you want to show your support, follow their development on Twitch and Twitter!