Steam Is Adding Native Support Of DUALSHOCK 4 Controllers

Eurogamer reports that Steam will be adding native support of Dualshock 4. Valve's Jeff Bellinghausen said that the PS4 controller will not be the only controller Steam will be adding support to in the coming year, but the first because of how well it mirrors the Steam controller...

"Believe it or not, when you use the PS4 Controller through the Steam API, it's exactly the same as a Steam Controller. You make the exact same API calls, you only get actions, not inputs, and the Steam API takes care of everything...Not only is it a really nice, high-quality controller, but it's also got a gyro and a touchpad, so it's got a lot of overlapping functionality with the Steam Controller,"

I would imagine having a touchpad will make navigation a lot easier on Steam than it is with the Xbox One controller. I tried using my controller in Big Picture mode a couple months back and quickly switched back to the keyboard in mouse as it felt too jerky for my liking. 

Good news? Or too little too late? I would imagine any PC player wishing to use a controller would've bought something to use by now. Anyone excited to use a dualshock 4 on PC?