Steampunk Action RPG ATOMIC HEART Will Engulf You In Tragic Danger


Taking a different approach from the events with the USSR, indie developers Mundfish have been working on their upcoming title Atomic Heart. While there is no official release date yet, it is already set up for PC on The Abyss platform and is available for pre-order, which will give you access to the first beta in Q4 2019.

Atomic Heart’s story is about all the things that could have happened in the reality of the USSR but didn’t. Technical revolution has already occurred, robots, the Internet, holograms have already been invented, but all these innovations are immersed in the atmosphere of communism, imperialism and confrontation with the West. This is the perfect mix to bring an amazing steampunk FPS title that will send you through various technologically strange oddities.

This title won’t be purely single-player either. You can expect regions specified for both Non-PVP and PVP areas. The Non-PVP regions encourages the use of melee weaponry, while in PVP areas we give players more freedom and don’t limit the use of the firearms. There is more to learn about this game, but if you haven’t heard about Atomic Heart yet, then check out the announcement trailer. The trailer that caught my attention first is this official 10 minute gameplay below. What do you think about this Steampunk FPS RPG?