Streamer Tells Crowd To Kill Themselves After They Keep Making Waluigi Noises

The giant streaming event Awesome Games Done Quick had some controversy yesterday when a popular streamer instructed the crowd to "kill themselves". As you'll see in the video below, a group of streamers are making their way through Super Metroid when the crowd starts making noises typically heard by Nintendo character Waluigi. For those of you unfamiliar, he sounds like this...

So people are making noises like that and one streamer has enough and asks for the microphone. He then proceeds to tell the crowd they can prevent Cancer by standing in front of the bus shuttle that arrives on the hour. It's the kind of angry rant I can expect from a mad 12-year-old on my team, but not a full grown man. Of course, his rant keeps the crowd quiet, but only encourages the Twitch chat to continue belting out memes and taunting the guy!

I don't feel sorry for the guy, and if you're worried about crowd noise don't stream at an event where the public pays to watch you play. Check out the video below.