STREET FIGHTER'S Guile Is Now An Official Gel Spokesman

Surprise surprise, that hairstyle Guile rocks in all the Street Fighter games does not come naturally, and now the character is hawking gel to support his presumably expensive habit. Yes, this is not a joke, J-Gel from Yanagiya is currently using a video game character as the spokesman for their brand. The company, which has been in business since 1615 selling cosmetics, hosted a fake photo shoot with the fighter and even had an interview posted on their site! The interview isn't all that entertaining mind you, but the pictures from the photo shoot are so goofy they just had to be shared. Take a look:

Good thing he's not a real person as I can't imagine how many free products they'd have to comp him a month to maintain that hairdo, and I'm a little disappointed the interview didn't delve into that, although Guile did ensure J-Gel he would be telling Ken about his experience when he made his trip back to America. 

Japan is a magical place.

Source: Kotaku