SUCCUBUS Interview: Inside The MadMind Of A Demon


Following the success of Agony UNRATED, Madmind Studios announced a spin-off title called Succubus that will put players in the roll of a demon. With the back-and-forth feelings the development of Agony put on all of us who followed along with that roller coaster of problems and fixings, I was curious as to their plans this time around. So, in hopes of finding out more about the games development and wanting to get to know our new protagonist, Vydija, who has taken to social media lately, I took them up on their offer for an interview.

I separated my questions for the team and for the Succubus Queen Vydija herself, which I was happy to see that I receive all the answers I was hoping for! I’ll list the developer questions first and then provide my questions for the queen.

Interview with Madmind Studios

Is there an estimated date for when we can expect SUCCUBUS to launch?

We don't have a launch window yet. We managed to secure enough resources to not be worried about the deadlines, so we plan to release our game "when we are happy from the final results."

Will you be adding more platforms or remaining on PC?

We are currently focussing on PC only, but we are open to other platforms in the future. It all depends if we can find a publisher who would be ready to release the Adults Only game.

Can we expect to get both a Rated and Unrated version of the game?

There will be only one version. We do not want to limit our vision and we wish to present everything we want without worrying about censorship. It is for this reason that we have decided to limit ourselves only to the Adults Only PC version. If the game meets with good reception from players and reviewers, we will consider console versions though.

It is possible that we will also add "Safe Mode" as an option so it  can be used by players on live streams for example. Playing in this mode, they will not have to be afraid of bans, because all controversial elements will be covered with a blur. Enabling or disabling this mode will depend only on the player.


Will we be visiting any of the similar sections of Hell this time around or a whole new spectrum? 

Players will get to explore a different area of hell than what they have seen in Agony. Each level in the game will have its unique atmosphere.

Now that the passage to Earth is open, has this affected the scenery in Hell at all?

Hell becomes more and more populated, but elements from the physical world do not get through to it. People falling into Hell are deprived of everything they have accumulated during their lifetime. The exception is of course the phone that landed in the main character's cave. It could have happened only thanks to the interference of the Red Goddess who sent this toy to her favourite demon.

Will this be more of survival or defenceless horror game?

This time around the players will follow the events of the game from the demon's perspective, so they will have a lot of special attacks. We are implementing a dynamic battle system with melee weapons. The main character of the game, Vydija, is an experienced and brutal warrior who uses various weapons very well and learns how to use pirokinesis. Players will not have to hide in the shadows, avoiding threats, but will face hordes of enemies with different battle options.

Some of the enemies will pose a small threat, others will require a more tactical approach to the fight.

Interview with Vydija

Why did you become an outcast Succubus if you went back to your primal ways?

I tried to walk around the terraces while tasting the boring life of the queen, but it was not fun. That's why I chose my life away from Nimrod's palace. I prefer to hunt, break hearts and bones and collect trophies! It just makes me more excited to inflict pain than to sit on the throne ...

Do you intend to protect King Nimrod even though you chose not to stand by him as his Queen?

I'm still his queen. We simply live in an open relationship! Nimrod does not need my protection. In the end, he managed to control the mighty Beast and opened the portal to the earthly dimension. Demons are kneeling at his feet! Besides, he is a born leader and a great hunter with a powerful soul ... Mmm .. I miss him a little, I think I will visit him soon.

What ultimately brought you to get on Social Media?

I got this toy and everything was already configured... It's an interesting invention that really likes what I like - touching - and I quickly learned how to use it. Taking pictures is very cool and addictive! I have already been able to condemn over 1,000 souls to Hell thanks to this!

How do you feel about demons abandoning Hell to rampage on Earth?

Actually, very few demons have come to Earth. It is not easy to go through the portal to the world of the living. In addition, we have more fun here in Hell, since the population of fresh people has grown significantly!

You really do not need to go to Earth. Trust me - the Beast and the Goddess are a sufficient problem for the world of the living! Hahaha!

Post-Interview Thoughts

From these answers, it sounds like we are in for quite the different experience with this game. There is sure to be a more primal feeling for the player rather than a lost and scared feeling surrounding the gameplay. Not only that, but the developers aren’t going to hold back this time around and will be just giving us the best first of the game damned be those that don’t like it. The safe mode idea is the best they will get, but its a smart move to just aim for no barriers seeing as that is what caused problems in the original game from this team.

It is unfortunate that we don’t know when the game will be coming out, but at least we can get excited knowing that it will be made with the consumer in mind this time! I am looking forward to this new attitude being put into a game from the team that took us to Hell and have high hopes that Succubus will be an amazing game.