SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Is Only Slightly Larger Than NBA 2K18's Save File On The Switch


Whatever Nintendo is doing to optimize their games on the Switch, they need to share it with their 3rd party developers. Case in point Super Mario Odyssey, which has been shown to be a truly impressive and massive game, clocks in at 5.7 GBs total. That's only .7 GB larger than NBA 2K18's SAVE DATA, with the full game coming in much higher than that!

Of course, anyone who has played any of the recent 2K games know the franchise has always been a bit of a memory hog. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to buy the game on Switch better start saving up for one of those micro SD's with a lot of memory as both it and Doom are looking to sap a heaping helping of memory. 

You gotta wonder if the high file sizes of games like NBA 2K18 will affect its success on the Switch. Do you think it will be a factor?

Source: Nintendo Life