SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Launch Date, Details, And Full Roster Revealed

After months of anticipation and a whole lot of speculation, the full list of characters that will be available has been announced! We finally know what characters we can play as and it looks to be the least disappointing list possible. During the Nintendo E3 2018 conference, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was shown to launch as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title on December 7, 2018.

As for the roster, they are giving us everybody that has been a playable character at any point of the series along with a couple new characters. Whether they were part of previous DLC or just from a previous game in the series, you will find them here. Check out the roster reveal:

They also announced that they are going to have 8 player battles, meaning 8 costumes for every character, a remaster and graphical upgrade for classic and new maps, over 50+ assist trophies and the ability to attack some of them to the point that you earn points for killing them. There has also been an update to the damage you deal. 1 on 1 matches will be more damaging than group matches. This should help matches keep an intense, action packed pace.

A few characters can be played as a female or male, such as Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, and Inkling. The secondary characters revealed, such as Dark Pit and Daisy, are known as Echo Fighters. While they are similar to their original characters, there will be some noticeable changes between them including voices and game style. There is one more character revealed aside from the roster shown above...

The infamous enemy from the Metroid series has arrived as a new playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can play as this big baddie will be able to be controlled for the first time and is added to the new games list of Amiibo collectibles that are launching along with the game.

For seasoned players, the good news doesn't end at the roster though. They have always developed a Gamecube controller that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. This should help the game continue to feel as comfortable as it always has for those that have been playing this series since the beginning.

How do you feel about the character roster revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?