SUPERMAN Actor Henry Cavill Expressed His Interest In Playing Geralt In THE WITCHER TV Series

*Update: Netflix recently announced that Henry Cavill will play Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming TV adaptation of the novel and game series, The Witcher. Check out that story here

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After the success of Mission Impossible: Fallout, actor Henry Cavill is at the top of his game. During a promotional interview for Fallout, Cavill, who also played Superman in DC’s movie franchise, was asked about other roles he is interested in portraying. He then gave a surprising answer to IGN by saying that he would love to play Geralt from The Witcher in the upcoming TV adaptation of the game. 

It is no surprise that The Witcher is currently in development by streaming giant Netflix, and Cavill made it known that he is interested in being involved with the project. The actor revealed that he has played and replayed The Witcher 3 and thinks of it as a “really good game.” IGN then asked Cavill about his thoughts of playing the game’s protagonist and replied, “Absolutely. Yeah, that would be an amazing role.”

In addition to being a fan of the games, Cavill also expressed his love for The Witcher novels saying, “The books are amazing,” Cavill said. “The books are really, really good…The books I started reading, and they are well worth a read.”

The upcoming Netflix series was announced last May and will use the novel series written by Andrzej Sapkowski, which were also used as the basis for the games, as its source material. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich recently stated that the first season will comprise of eight episodes, and is currently slated to premiere in 2020. 

“We’re moving quickly ahead with everything—like, my head is spinning around Exorcist-style, except with enthusiasm, not evil possession—but one this is certain: quality comes before speed,” Hissrich said.

While no official casting has been announced as of now, fans of the game have been speculating on which actors would be perfect to play Geralt in the series. A few names that were mentioned included Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Viggo Mortensen (Lord of The Rings), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), to name a few. Given that Cavill is obviously a fan of the franchise, maybe he is the perfect actor to play Geralt after all. What do you think?

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