Support The ROCKET LEAGUE Themed Lego Cars!

An idea has been presented on Lego ideas of a new concept for their next product that they would be able to start providing and pushing out to stores with the help of support from fans of the idea. They are hoping to start featuring Rocket League vehicles in their line up of collectible, or playable if you are still a child, toys that are designed to look just like a vehicle in the popular Psyonix game!

While the idea is starting out with the classic Rocket League vehicle, Octane, and is being presented by somebody who is going to be using the current version featured in a fan stop-motion film, it is an obvious start to an entire series of Rocket League vehicles, which would be an amazing thing to have for those who are huge fans of the game!

I have already given my support and now it's time for more of you to do so as well! Let's get this series of Lego toys on the store shelves!