Tamriel Online Celebrates 10mil Online Players With Brand New Trailer


The Elder Scrolls Online, also known as Tamriel Online, has reached 10 million players! In light of this accomplishment, Bethesda has created a tribute trailer for the 10 million stories that there are to be told. This trailer is pretty bad ass and shows the game off in an epic way. Not to mention that they announce a gift for potential new players.

Tamriel Online was one of the MMORPG's that truly deserves the large audience base that it has received so far, and for the new few days any PS4 and PC gamer can download it for free and see what they have been missing out on!

The trailer itself is a masterful mix of what Tamriel has to offer to players. The multiple landscapes and creatures shown, the different play styles that players can choose to be within the world, abilities that will be able to be used, intense battles, and adventurous places to travel to! The game is truly massive and worth at least a little bit of everyone's time.

Being a quest chasing player in the MMORPG community myself, I find myself being a mix of explorer, warrior, and protector. Beast Tamer is always a great, optional choice that I like to have whenever possible, but isn't on my usual list of importance. Could never care for the idea of being the beast myself though. What kind of player do you plan to be inside the world of The Elder Scrolls Online?