TELLTALE GAMES: STORY MODE - A Short Documentary by Complex

Telltale Games revolutionized the modern story game, simply by taking it back to its roots and building from there. From their work on restoring the LucasArts classic, Sam and Max to winning a metric shit load of awards for their adaptation of The Walking Dead there is no doubt that they have influenced gaming in a major way. I have a lot of love for Telltale Games. I have friends who work there, and even have my own personal background of almost packing up and shipping to San Francisco to join in on what they were doing. (The cancellation of the position open at Telltale is the reason I started down the path to bring GameTyrant back to life.) So when Complex released a short, 30-minute documentary on the studio on YouTube, it seemed like not sharing it here would just be bad juju. If you've got a bit of time to kill and want to learn more about this fairly young studio, I highly recommend giving this a watch.

Fair warning, there are some spoilers in here. Especially for The Walking Dead. So if you haven't played a good chunk of Telltale's library, maybe save this for a later date.

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