The ADF-01 FALKEN Is Now Available For ACE COMBAT 7 And It Is As OP As I Had Hoped!


The ADF-01 FALKEN Has a long history with the Ace Combat franchise beginning back in Ace Combat 2 on PS1. The Plane would later be used as a special unlock for Ace Combat 5 for finding and destroying special bunkers. Now the craft takes to the skies once more in Ace Combat 7 as part of the games second DLC release!

The FALKEN retains its signature cockpit from Ace Combat 5 in a nice new HD presentation! The craft also offers reasonably high specs for the game making it a great choice in just about any situation whether it be an air-to-air or air-to-ground mission. Where the Raven came equipped with a primary laser cannon the FALKEN keeps the traditional machine gun making it more effective in cloud cover.

The FALKEN also comes equipped with 3 secondary weapon choices including its signature TLS and the 4AMM and FAEB. This DLC pack also marks the FAEB’s glorious return to Ace Combat 7 as it wasn’t available in the base game. The FAEB large explosive area makes it as overpowered as I had hoped and using it for ground based missions, like Fleet Destruction, makes getting S-Ranks a breeze!

Joining the FALKEN in this DLC pack is a new SOL skin for the Su-30M2 and 4 new emblems. Emblems included are Wardog, The Aces of Razgriz / The Ghosts of Razgriz and Scarface. As you can tell the emblems are based around the games the FALKEN once stared in! Having played a few missions with the FALKEN I can happily say it is awesome to take to the skies with it once more! Ace Combat 7’s DLC 2 pack is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.