THE BEAST INSIDE Releases Their Free Demo For All To Experience


Back in February of 2018, I was given the chance to be among the first to play Illusion Ray Studio’s upcoming horror game The Beast Inside through a closed access demo. I did enjoy the playthrough of the demo and shared my initial first impression of the game. This demo is no longer only accessible to those who were given a code though as they have just announced that their demo is available to the public!

This free demo will let you get through the first few sections of the game, including a couple puzzles and scare events, while ending with an interesting cliffhanger. I remember when I first played the demo I was left wanting more and would love to know the secrets that lie in the history of that house. There seems to be a lot more to the story than at first initially appears.

If you haven’t heard much about The Beast Inside yet, I suggest you check out my Interview with them from January in 2017. You can see the initial video and a gameplay video they shared. There is also the details, videos, and screenshots that show on their Steam page that you can look through before downloading the free demo.

Either way, any horror fan should look into at least giving the demo a chance. While everybody has their own opinions on each game, this one was worth the time.