THE CASTER Is A Reality Series Where Hi-Rez Studios Searches For A New E-Sports Commentator And It's Awesome


If you've ever dreamed of being an eSports caster and wondered what you had to do to make it to the big leagues, The Caster is for you. Even if you haven't, Hi-Rez Studios series where they search for their next commentator to call play by play of some of their biggest games is fascinating and about the best gaming television out right now. 

For example, I absolutely love the challenge in which the casters are giving their opening while the director says camera directions in their ear. That's likely not something that happens in your amateur matches, but in the big leagues, you'll definitely have mic chatter in your ear to let you know when you're in and out of a shot and you just gotta block it out!

Check out episode two below to see more of the gauntlet they put these guys through and then go back and watch episode 1! If you end up liking what you see be sure to head over to their website and learn more about the show and its contestants!