The Creative PEBBLE PLUS 2.1 Speaker System is the King of Budget Audio

Product-Pebble Plus-02.png

Budget Audio Defined

There are a ton of audio options out there and they range from fantastic but overpriced to cheap but underwhelming. It’s very rare to have a stellar sounding system at a budget priced yet Creative has pulled it off with the new Pebble Plus 2.1 speaker system. The Pebble Plus is USB powered with an included sub, sounds amazing all at $39.99. Yep, I’ve never seen or heard a system this good for anywhere near this price; the Pebble Plus is the king of budget audio. Period.

While the Pebble Plus isn’t going to replace or compete with a full fledged 5.1 system or even a super high quality soundbar, it does excel in areas where you need big sound but in a compact system. I was blown away with the sleek looks, impressive highs and with a bit of low end as well. While the highs and mids are fantastic even at high volume, the lows are the weakest part of the system but for the price, how can I really complain?


Overall, if you are a budget minded gamer, music lover or even light movie or TV watching, you cannot go wrong with this system. When I unboxed it, I was impressed with the minimalistic design and compact size but didn’t expect the room filling sonic goodness that awaited.

The Pebble Plus is available now. Check out full specs and more info from Creative here!