Podcast: THE DIVISION—Pumping Electronic Sounds For a Little Stroll Downtown

We’re going deep into an urban apocalypse but not without some sweet new electronic jams to supplement the journey. Ola Strandh has delivered a superb listening experience that takes me to my favorite ends of the synthesizer dimension, tying in tones that I would normally skip over, using them in a way that gives them a brand new identity and feel. 

This soundtrack also reminds me of a time a crazy man accosted me on a street in Manhattan, screaming, asking if I wanted to make a baby with him. This was something he proposed not only once, twice, or thrice. So in my wonderful stay in the city that never sleeps (but should maybe consider it based on that guy, which is unfair) the excellent, arpeggiated, continuously pumping sounds of The Division by Ola Strandh is a huge treat for your ear canals and brains. Hit play below for an in-depth look, and how we can try to make amends for what happened last week.

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