THE DRAGONBORN COMES — An Interview with Popular YouTube Musician Malukah

With over 480,000 YouTube subscribers, Malukah has enchanted us with her incredible renditions of beloved songs from Skyrim, Destiny, Halo, The Witcher 3, Game of Thrones, and has even had her signature take on some work from The Foo Fighters

She has contributed to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Banner Saga, and the list continues. When she released The Dragonborn Comes, it sparked the beginning of a huge new fan base as its view count climbed by the millions. People around the world immediately were sold on the power of her voice and the lyrics that represent why we identify with the stories and characters in video games.

I am excited to have had the chance to talk with her about how she creates these arrangements and what has inspired her as an artist over the years. We also talk about her awesome dog Thor, 90’s metal, and the fact that Spaceballs rocked her world as a young child, and still does.

You can find Malukah's music on her YouTube channel or purchase her tracks on Loudr.

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