In 2020, we will be introduced to the strangest survival game yet conceived. It promises to bring the bizarre to unknown heights in gaming. The Eternal Cylinder is an open-world adventure game, and that’s about the most tame way to describe what looks to be a funnily disturbing (or is that disturbingly fun?) survival experience where you plod about as a long-snouted creature of some sort.

From the looks of it, The Eternal Cylinder plays like the weirdest planet in No Man’s Sky is facing an apocalyptic event, and only your savvy survival skills will keep you alive. Also, you must adapt the shapes and abilities of the other alien creatures around you in order to successfully navigate the diverse terrain and obstacles that lie between you and safety.

It looks unsettling but also rather adorable and challenging. We’ll be looking out for updates as this project nears the release date.

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