First Impressions: The First Hour of OUTLAST II Is Absolutely Chock Full Of Nope

Bloody Sunday

Seriously, I've turned into a ginourmous pansy when it comes to horror games and flicks. While I did finish LAYERS OF FEAR, I barely made it through with the volume at very low levels. Enter Red Barrels' OUTLAST II and it makes other horror games seem like a Disney cartoon. Where the first game focused on a messed up insane asylum, this time we go to the great outdoors of Arizona with much more religious undertones. I won't give anything away but just from the screenshot above, I will tell you, don't look under the sheet..

While the terror and chills are cranked up to 11, so is the polish of both graphics and sound as well. The first game absolutely shocked the gaming community but I'll just say this: You ain't seen nuthin' yet! If you enjoy having to change your shorts every few moments and enjoy horror games, OUTLAST II launches today.