The Game Theorists Explains Why He Gave The Pope UNDERTALE

The Game Theorist's MatPat meets the holy Pope of the Catholic church and what does he do? HE GIVES HIM A COPY OF UNDERTALE. His reasoning? Gamers don't get a ton of mainstream publicity outside of sexism scandals and mass shootings and he wanted to give some positive gaming news for once. But why Undertale specifically? Why not Pokemon? Or Super Mario Maker? MatPat has many reasons (which you'll learn by watching his video in full) but at it's base the reason is it's ability to show human condition. Now watch the video and read on below...

Does the pope have a gaming system? I think that's highly unlikely, but you never know! I guess in part, it was smart he went with a Steam code because the Pope has to have a computer of some sort. If Pope Francis creates a Steam account that would be quite possibly the greatest moment in gaming in the past decade. Do you think Undertale was the right choice for the Pope? What would you have given?

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