The MEGA MAN Maker That Came Out 10 Years Too Early

Have you ever seen a game that does something ambitious and brilliant, but it comes out too soon for the rest of the public to really catch on? Or maybe a movie that fails at first, but then later becomes a hit? Or maybe a wrong studio picks up the movie and so it flops by not meeting expectations. Well, what if I were to tell you there was a Super Mario Maker that came out about 10 years ago but with Mega Man? Pretty mindblowing right? Well, there was!

About 10 years ago, a game with the title Mega Man: Powered Up was released. It was an HD remake of the first Mega Man game, but so much more. It provided you with the option to play the first Mega Man game in glorious 8-bits or in upgraded 3-D graphics while still retaining it's 2-D side-scrolling action. The game allowed you to play through entirely with Mega Man or any of the original 8 robot masters. I know what you're thinking. There were only 6 robot masters in the first Mega Man game.  There were 8, but two were not in the original. This game brought those 2 back and made them playable characters. You could also play through with Protoman or Roll. Sound too good be true? Well, the game also included challenge levels and yes, a level creator.

The level creator was actually rather impressive. You had access to almost all the tools that the enemy had access to in the Mega Man game. Critics all loved the game and so did players.  Except... that not many people played the game. It had poor sales, and because of poor sales, there weren't as many players, or levels to download, so it eventually vanished. They even had plans to make Powered Up 2, but due to poor sales, it was canceled. The game still is available for the PSP, but was never transfered to the PlayStation Network in a digital format.

Here's hoping that with the success of Super Mario Maker, and Nintendo and Capcom's recent cooperation, we can see a Mega Man Maker. Where you can create Mega Man and Mega Man X levels, and switch between the two. Maybe a boss maker, where you can equip the bosses with different gimmicks that make them more difficult. Make your own set of Robot Masters for Mega Man to take on and then have people play your levels. Perhaps include a battle mode, where the boss you create can fight other people's robot masters! That's the dream anyway. For those who want the next best thing though, try to track down Mega Man: Powered Up on PSP.  It's still really fun.  I should know. I have had the game for about 10 years now, and it still hasn't gotten old for me. I love Mega Man. Please Capcom! Make this game! If Mario can do it so can you. Mega Man's like Mario, but with a gun. And everything is better with guns.

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