The New Speedrun World Record For GETTING OVER IT Is Sickening


One of the most infuriating games that is all over Twitch and YouTube these days, other than Cuphead, is a little indie title known as Getting Over It. It is the basic function of using your pickaxe-like tool to lift your character off the ground and over various items in your path. Once you reach the top, gravity starts to go because you are officially in space. Once in space, you have successfully gotten over whatever that pile of garbage that litters the world is all about. I think simply calling that pile "it" is truly fitting.

While there are a multitude of players that have yet to even successfully complete the game, or even a section of the game for some players, it is amazing to see how a simple game can be so difficult. Then we get to the speedrunning community and find that we are all just simpleton gamers with inadequate skills.

The latest World Record speedrun for Getting Over It will make you want to never touch the game again. With a record for ONE MINUTE AND 56 SECONDS, YouTuber Distortion2 puts us all to shame. Look at this:

So many gamers, so many hours, all a waste. After all the time that we put into this game, that should be simple might I add, doesn't compare to how much this guy must of played this game. His perfect placements that pulled him through the map was just outstanding and to one-shot the bucket lift was just so sick!

I don't think I will ever be able to get myself to a speedrunning skill level, but it is always amazing to see such a high skill and knowledge level on a game. I hope to see this at AGDQ this year or next, but seeing as it is such a short run I will likely miss it. How do you feel after watching this impressive run? I find myself in a mixture between angry, appalled, and amazed!