THE SLATER Puts You In The Shoes Of A Hitman

The Slater (1).jpg

While there is the popular series Hitman out there and continuing with the next title coming soon, it seems that another development team is taking the experience to another level. The well known, popular series plays out in third person view, but have you ever wanted to actually be in the shoes of Agent 47?

The Slater by Laina Interactive does just that as their stealth action title puts you behind the eyes of the hitman you will be playing as! That’s right, this action packed thriller is going to have you actually handling your victims and getting the job you are there to do accomplished. This will add some difficulty to the game, but is sure to completely change the way you will handle the various situations you are bound to face.

The trailer alone shows how the feel and style is different from what we have become used to. Stashing bodies, up close kills, blending in with the crowd; it is almost surreal to see in first person. How do you feel about taking lives and filling the role of an actual hitman? Is this the kind of game you have been waiting for?