The stage is set for the Smash Ultimate Summit


After a last-chance qualifier at last weekend’s Ultimate Nimbus, all of the attendees at this weekend’s Smash Ultimate Summit have been determined. Beyond the Summit’s first-ever Ultimate invitational features a mix of standby talent from both the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Smash 4 scenes, along with a few new faces who have started to make names for themselves in Ultimate.

The event’s first seed will be Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, who wowed the community by using his flashy Ike and Lucina play to win Genesis 6 in January. MkLeo’s main rival for the world No. 1 position at the moment is Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey, who defeated the Mexican prodigy twice to win Frostbite 2019, but the Team SoloMid member was unable to qualify for the Summit and will not be present this weekend to defend his standing as best in the world. MkLeo will be joined by several other longtime elite Smash 4 players, including Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, and James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson.

The Melee names in attendance include some of the most prominent legends of the GameCube title, such as Adam “Armada” Lindgren, Joseph “Mang0” Marquez, and Jason “M2K” Zimmerman. But perhaps the biggest threats from the Melee camp are William “Leffen” Hjelte and Justin “Plup” McGrath. Both players have shown their ability to contend with high-level Smash Ultimate players, and Leffen has taken tournament sets off of a number of well-known Ultimate players, such as Chris “WaDi” Boston.

As for the newcomers, they are led by Sota “Zackray” Okada, a 16-year-old phenom from Japan who impressed the crowd at Genesis with his combo-heavy Wolf play. Other contenders, such as Ezra “Samsora” Morris, Paris “Light” Ramirez, and Zack “ZD” Darby, were heavy hitters in Smash 4 but have leveled up rapidly in Ultimate.

For a full list of the Ultimate Summit’s 16 attendees, see below—and be sure to tune in for Beyond the Summit’s stream starting this Thursday to catch the action as it happens!

Originally invited players:

• Tempo|ZeRo


• NRG|Nairo

• Alliance|Armada

• FOX|Mew2King

• TSM|Leffen

Genesis 6 qualifiers:

• CLG|VoiD

• Samsora

• Dabuz

• GW|Zackray


• C9|Mango

• PG|Cosmos

• PG|Plup

• orKsGP|Glutonny

• ZD

Ultimate Nimbus qualifier:

• Rogue|Light