The True Spirit of DLC

Fire Emblem Cast

Fire Emblem Cast

I’m convinced that Downloadable content was a concept created by gaming executives to milk more money out of their customers. The actions of many companies support this theory, such as EA propensity to 'DLC lock' content from the core game (content that is installed with the game itself) behind a pay gate, or the Destiny fiasco from a few years back, where Bungie took content players had access to from the get-go and locked it behind a DLC lock.

But the development team behind FIRE EMBLEM WARRIORS sees DLC as a potential for something else.

Director Hiroya Usuda envisions DLC as a means to provide players with what they want and to shape the game as the community sees fit. One could suspect that this means characters, missions, and items/equipment, but Usuda even went so far as to say that the story of the game isn’t finalized, hinting one could hope on player actions and inputs could determine the stories outcome. Whereas other companies use DLC as a means to piecemeal out content to players, Usuda appears to be offering it up to players as a means to allow them to control the outcome of the game. Usuda has even made a call for users to bring comments and concerns up on their official Twitter account (although the interview covered on Cinema Blend does not indicate wither that is the official Nintendo Twitter or some other twitter account.) 

It’s refreshing to see when a company makes a decision for the benefit of its customers, and out of love for what they do or make. It’s very reminiscent of modding communities, where direct feedback is given and changes are made in support of the community’s desires.  Here is to hoping that Usuda and his team keep to their promises and use DLC for the power of good, to continue providing players with direct access to Usuda’s ear, so to speak.

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