The "Ultimate" Edition Of INJUSTICE 2 Is $100

If you're wanting everything that Injustice 2 has to offer, $100 is the asking price. The official Injustice 2 site lists the "ultimate" edition of the game with the following features...

  • 9 DLC characters (I'm guessing future DLC? I hope so...)
  • Physical or Digital download of the game
  • Reverse Flash Costume and voice pack (alt Flash skin)
  • John Stewart Green Lantern costume and voice pack (alt GL skin)
  • Power Girl costume and voice pack (alt Supergirl skin)
  • 2 gear shader packs

That's...a lot of nickel and diming for small cosmetic stuff. I'm really concerned those 9 DLC fighters are going to come with the game at launch and if they are you know we're all going to be more than a little pissed! Of course, you can buy the game at the entry point of the standard edition or Digital deluxe...but all this customization we are seeing in trailers is beginning to make more sense.

As much as I want to play Injustice 2...I'm not looking for a half baked experience if I only buy the "standard" edition...what about you?