The White House Will Be Streaming Competitive Gaming Today

Today, eSports will roam the same halls our Presidents once walked. Gamespot writes the White House will be live streaming a competitive eSports tournament that features Shaquille O' Neal, as well as several Twitch and eSports celebrities. 

The event kicks off with a "game-a-thon" that will feature Twitch partners ActaBunniFooFoo, Annemunition, bijoudemi, darkness_429, Elspeth,imcoty, LifeWithLaughs, Okaydrian, and thatchickparker. Between that folks will also be treated to competitive Rocket League as well as a Street Fighter V match between Justin Wong and Mike Ross. 

All this is being done to remind people that they have until December 15th to make adjustments or register for healthcare plans. If you're someone who needs to do that, you can click here

For those wishing to watch the stream, we're gonna have it right here! Check out the video below around 1 PM PST or 4 PM EST to witness what I'm sure will be absolutely awesome...or super cringe. I'm holding out hope that the President hops on for a game of something!