THE WITNESS Released Today and Will Wrinkle Your Brain

Jonathan Blow got his claim to fame with the indie darling that launched an indie game revolution: Braid. His name grew even more well known after his appearance in the critically acclaimed documentary Indie Game: The Movie. So when his new game was underway, people were understandably very excited. Well, today The Witness released on PS4 and Steam. The verdict is: damn this game is challenging! With over 100 hours of puzzles it is no wonder people are struggling to make it through this very well thought out game.

This isn't a formal review, as I haven't had the time to really delve into this game yet, but I can tell you already that it is both challenging and beautiful. The mechanics work very smoothly, making each victory feel truly earned. The deeply saturated environments are so engaging that sometimes you'll lose yourself in them and forget to solve the puzzles. I'm only about an hour in and I can definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys slow, steady, and well thought out puzzle games. But be patient, because this game takes a lot of concentration. You'll never feel like the game is cheating you out of the solution, but those solutions are hard to reach.

The Witness is available today on PS4 and PC.

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