The Xbox One Is Getting Mouse And Keyboard Support Soon

Microsoft announced recently that Xbox One consoles will soon support mouse and keyboard. Moreover, the company will be partnering with Razer to bring an additional mouse and keyboard options, specifically for the Xbox One.

It is worth noting that support for a mouse and keyboard on the Xbox One will be a case-by-case basis depending on whether game developers would implement it in their games. The update won’t enable support to every single Xbox One game, as respective developers would need to release a patch or have it included in future releases.

So far, Warframe has been confirmed as one of the first titles that would release a patch to enable mouse and keyboard. Microsoft is still yet to reveal on when this patch will be available but said that it will be ready “in the coming weeks.”

As of now, only players who are members of the Xbox Insider program are able to enjoy the mouse and keyboard functionality on the Xbox One. The Xbox Insider program allows players to test new system updates before they are released to the general public.

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