Insane Clown Posse Releasing Juggalo Based Deckbuilder Game

Of all the things I would expect from the cult rap group Insane Clown Posse, I can't say I saw this coming. Psychopathic Games is releasing a game called Into The Echoside, a deck builder that features Juggalos journeying into a nether realm of sorts. The game is based off this song supposedly...

Outside of the subject matter, seems like a typical deck builder. 2-4 players attempt to make their way through the Echoside utilizing the power of famous Juggalo, artists such as the Kottonmouth Kings, ninjas, evil clowns etc...and only one will prevail! The game set seems meaty with a lot included in the base set...

  • Game Board
  • 12-Sided Die
  • 107 Main Deck Cards
    • 23 Dark Carnival (Allegiance)
    • 23 Psychopathic (Allegiance)
    • 23 Underground (Allegiance)
    • 17 Item
    • 21 Fiend
  • 12 Epic Cards
  • 21 Juggalo Cards
  • 30 Flavor Cards
  • 35 Ninja Starter Cards
  • 15 Hound Dog Starter Cards
  • 5 Reference Cards

The game comes with everything needed for 4 players to play, which is a plus, and the artwork is surprisingly good! If you're looking to pick it up you'll either have to get it at this year's Gathering of The Juggalo on July 20th or pre-order it here May 20th. All this for a total of $39.99...will you be buying?