This Adorable Vulpix Build A Bear Is A Must Have For Any POKEMON Fan

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Whomever sees this post on Facebook, do not share it with my wife! If I have one more Build-a-bear or teddy bear in my house, I'm going to have to build me an escape tunnel. In all seriousness though, this Vulpix Build-a-bear is rather adorable, and I'm sure one my daughter would cart around with her everywhere.

There is a $6o bundle that is only available online that you may want to check out. The bundle features a stuffed Vulpix (obviously), sound chip, pyjamas, and a cape with a fireball on it. In the Build-a-bear store you can pick up this cutie pie for $28, and the pyjamas for $12.50.

Here are some pics for you to get all fuzzy about.


Source: Polygon

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