Top 5 Mobile Rhythm Games


Mobile gaming is making a lot of great advances. From battle royals to MOBAs, a phone can hold and play a lot of high quality games. One game type which has normally involved some peripheral was rhythm games. Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution and Beat Saber are all games that need some large or somewhat complicated added item/s in order to play the game. However, phones and portable gaming systems have spun out a lot of really great titles to enjoy anywhere you go, all you need (or is nice to have) is a pair of headphones and your phone or on-the-go gaming device. Here is a list of various different rhythm games that differ in style, quality, music and skill.

Muse Dash

Muse Dash is the only game on here that costs money, but it is much better than the other games by a significant amount. It is currently $2.99 and comes with a huge amount of songs, fun characters, costumes and unlockables. The game’s music is lots of fun. The visual style is beautiful and very high quality. The gameplay is tight, quick, deep and simple all at the same time. It is totally worth the money to have a top quality rhythm game on your phone. There are a lot of additional songs that a person can buy, check them out before buying them, but they’re some really good ones that are worth the money.



VOEZ has a slightly complex way to play, the notes will come down lanes, but the lanes will move around quite frequently and change colors with the song. It is visually very pleasing and lots of fun overall. The difficulty is quite good for beginners or more advanced gamers. The songs are pretty good and have a wider variety than some of the other games on this list. This game is free and a good challenge.


Geometry Lite

Being the one that most people might be familiar with, Geometry Lite is basically a platforming game where the player is only in control of the jumping. The jumps, obstacles and other parts are all well timed with the music and becomes a simplified rhythm game. I only wish there was a better progression system, it is a little too unforgiving for my personal taste, but it is worth trying out the free version and then buying the game if it really catches you.

Magic Tiles 3

Simplicity is the main idea of Magic Tiles 3. There are four lanes with big rectangles coming down the screen and the player just hits them on the way down. The music here is the only interesting part. The first song playable is by Ed Sheeran. The next song you unlock is also by him and other popular songs then become available over time. The only downside (but if fairly normally for free games) is the incredible amount of ads. There are a lot of ads here, but that is what happens when the music is very famous.


Cytus II

When it comes to complexity, Cytus II pulls out all the stops. With a lot of fast paced electronic songs, and unique style of play, this may be the best free rhythm game on the market now. The player will hit various notes with normal presses, drags, and holds all over the screen. There is a metronome line moving over the screen up and down to tell the player when to hit the notes. The complexity and difficulty is fairly high and the learning curve is steep, but the payoff is worth it overall.

Check out these games! Let us know which ones you like and which ones we missed. If you have any questions about Muse Dash, check out the review here.