Top 5 Post-Apocalypse Settings in Gaming

In honor of the Fallout 4 coming out this week, we decided to do a Top 5 Apocalypses.. (Apocalylye?, Apocalypsie?) in Video Games. Which video game has the most interesting apocalypse, or rather the most fun to live in. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the world to end, but if it does, these aftermaths might be the coolest. Now a heads up now, there may be some spoilers here. These are all great games though, so if you haven’t played them then just go play them. 

5 — Saints Row IV


So for those who haven’t played Saints Row IV, this is probably one of the bigger spoilers in this article. Earth is destroyed. Not deserted and burning, completely obliterated. This leaves your main character and Earth's best and brightest stuck in a Matrix like device, playing through a fake digital world. With the world destroyed and you still living on afterwards, this does count as a post-apocalypse, so I’m going to count it. The Pro’s? Well, as long as you realize that the world is fake, and you have access to hack into the mainframe, you have the ability to be a god. This would be an awesome world to live in. You can gain superpowers, be rich, change your appearance. Everything you could possibly want at your fingertips. So why is this number five on the list? Because odds of you being the one guy with all the power is very low. You are more likely to be the random person walking down the street beaten to death with a Dildo Bat and then turned into an energy drink. Plus, the Earth is gone, your home, everything you ever had is not there anymore. At all. And even if you are able to recreate digitally your home and family, they will only be constant reminders that they are never to return. Woah. 

4 — The Last of Us

This was a very fun game and the world has pretty much worked itself out after Mushroom Zombies have taken over. Well, parts of the world.  But I mean, these are all post-apocalypses, so what more can you expect? The good part is the world seems pretty beautiful. Plant life has grown quite a bit and animals are free. The world is pretty amazing without as much development and humans ruining it. So pretty and OH MY GOSH! TERRIFYING MUSHROOM FACED ZOMBIES! Ok, so maybe there are some horrific problems with this apocalypse. Mostly the zombies.  With them around, you will never get a good nights rest again, even if you happen to be in one of the few places that is shielded relatively well against the zombies. But hey, those giraffes sure are nice eh? 

3 — Chrono Trigger

Little known fact, the world ended in 1999. Most of you probably didn’t even realize it happened. But those who played Chrono Trigger know better. Lavos sapped the energy from our planet. And its too bad, because we had some awesome technology too. The post apocalypse of Chrono Trigger isn’t too bad though. Sure, it’s cold and dying, but check out all the cool motorcycle races and robots still left around. There even might be a time machine if you happen to know any crazy old Nu’s.  This is probably one of the loneliest apocalypses, but as long as you don’t mind making friends with mutated freaks, this is a wonderful place to grow up and make a family. 

2 — Legend of Zelda: Windwaker

I will admit, that as of writing this article, I have not played all the way through Windwaker, but I do know that it takes place in a very unique kind of apocalypse. A Water World style, flooded planet apocalypse. From what I understand, the goddesses flood the world and allow different races to adapt and evolve in unique ways. There is little land left and people are quite spread out, but if you've got a cool talking boat, you got this world in the palm of your hand. Now, this world isn’t as terrifying as your other basic apocalypses, but you also don’t have the benefit of just taking what you want and exploring awesome ruins of the old world. Unless you have mad scuba skills.  Also, you better be okay with marrying distant cousins, because the next closest, not related person will eventually be a long boat ride away. 

1 — Fallout

Fallout has to be one of the best post apocalypses out there in my opinion. Sure, there are ghouls, and raiders, but they can be talked to and/or killed. The cities are pretty well handled by proper authorities, and people are all banded together. As long as you were in the Vault when the bombs dropped, you have very little to worry about being too badly radiated. Plus, think of all the awesome things there are to pick up. Anyone you kill you get to loot their body and sell their stuff, and no-one gets mad. That’s the law of the land. Who cares if the food is gross, and there are terrifying mutated animals, and monsters, and you will eventually be radiated along the way… Ok, so maybe living in any apocalypse would kinda suck, lets just be happy we live in a wonderful world with no one wanting to end it… right?

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