In a world where we gamers are getting constantly bombarded with sometimes dozens of game releases every week, still, I'm truly stunned that I keep running into friends and colleagues that have yet to play a single game in this astounding series. When we find something we love or we are passionate about, we want to reach out and share that with others. So, here we are, and even in a crowded gaming season, I 100% recommend UNCHARTED: THE NATHAN DRAKE COLLECTION to you today. Debuting individually and originally on PS3, we can now enjoy all three single player games remastered in 1080p at 60 frames a second, on a single PS4 disc with several new features and tweaks making excellent games even more.. excellent-er? Whether you're a long time fan or an UNCHARTED n00b, it's time to dive in.

5. Production Values Just Don't Get Much Better Than This

There is a huge difference between cheesy, ridiculous stunts and pyrotechnics that are more akin to a WWE match than a bombastic production that brings excitement, fun, and sometimes just plain awe. Luckily, UNCHARTED falls into the latter category and delivers on all fronts with some of the best set pieces in any game, ever. Beyond that, it all melds seamlessly into a gorgeous world and adventurous story.

4. These Games are the Pinnacle of Console Graphics and Art

It's no secret that I am a total sucker for anything that sports amazing graphics. Almost every day, I get to immerse myself in 4K gaming goodness. That being said, the first Drake is almost 10 years old yet I captured hundreds of screenshots in a few short days using the in game Camera Mode and I was constantly and consistently stunned at the wizardry on display here. Not only is it a masterpiece technically, the details and art are unmatched.

3. Some of the Best Characters and Voice Acting Yet

The older I get, the more story and character development take priority in my entertainment choices. Never taking itself too serious, the story is part Indiana Jones, part National Treasure, and whole lot of fun. Real history is mingled with the modern world and it's an absolute blast. Nathan, Sully, Elena; every character lends themselves to a convincing world brought to life by a star studded cast that absolutely nails it. For me, after booting up each episode, it was like coming to a warm, comfy home surrounded by friends and family.


2. Level Design = GOD MODE

While some of the gun play can be a bit tedious (Don't worry, play Explorer Mode!) every thing about the game is top notch, especially the incredible level design. Even though I played these games at launch, revisiting them again had me drop the controller more than just a few times in awe at what was on display before me. Dangling from burned out and rusty trains, crumbling ruins, and dodging gunfire in markets with fruit exploding before me, I was in complete and utter geek nirvana. 

1. Uncharted 4 is Almost Here and it Looks Marvelous

May 10th. That's the beginning of the end (NO!) of Nathan Drake and his merry band of misfits sharing their exploits and adventures with all of us. We truly hope they grace us with a finale for the ages and if the first three games are any indication, Naughty Dog will deliver. Early footage not only gets us pumped, it looks absolutely insane for a console title. It's a good time to be a gamer folks for both the original trilogy and what lies in store...